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We are now Benefact Trust

We have a new name, new logo and new brand. Allchurches Trust is now Benefact Trust. So, has everything changed? The short answer is no. Benefact Trust remains committed to making a positive and transformative impact on lives and communities throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our name has changed because we want to communicate that our work is more far-reaching and impactful than our old name suggests.

We’re excited to be Benefact Trust, and look forward to continuing to help change lives and communities across the UK and Ireland.


This form can be used to apply for a grant under any of our Thematic Grants programmes, and at various points includes questions to determine which programme you are applying to. N.B. you can only apply to one programme per application.


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Applications must be made online but if you would like to see the application questions to aid your initial thinking, you can click on the link below to do so.


Please note: This is the application form for our Heritage Skills for Christian Buildings grants programme. Applications for our other programmes must be made via the dedicated form in each case. Visit [a href="https://www.benefacttrust.co.uk/whi

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