Welcome to the online application form for Allchurches Trust's Thematic Grants programmes.


The application form can be used to apply for a grant under any of our Thematic Grants programmes, and at various points includes questions to determine which programme you are applying to. However, please note that you can only apply to one programme per application, e.g. if you wish to apply for both a Growing Lives grant, and a Hope Beyond grant, you will need to submit two separate applications, indicating each time which programme the application is for. Each application must also be for a distinctly different project.


You can leave the application form at any time by clicking on the 'Exit (Autosave)' button at the bottom of the form pages. Your work will be saved. You can return to a partially completed form by entering your email address and password.

An asterisk before any question or field denotes that a response or entry is mandatory.


Applications must be made online but if you would like to see the application questions to aid your initial thinking and discussions, you can click on the link below to do so. However, please remember that applications must be submitted online, not on paper.


Please note: A new version of this form was implemented on 15th July 2020, introducing some additional questions. If you started (but had not yet submitted) an application prior to this date, please recheck all form pages to ensure you have answered all of the questions that are relevant to your application.

If you would simply like to see the questions before registering, click here.

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